Update #9 – “I survived Comic-Con!”

Posted by Bill Schelly on July 17, 2015

Actually, I did a lot more than survive Comic-Con. I had a fantastic time, maybe my best time ever at this enormous convention. I’m sure it had a lot to do with having a new book out, and the tremendous reception that my Harvey Kurtzman biography received. The panel was jammed with enthusiastic fans, and all the books Fantagraphics brought to the con were snapped up. Book signings are one of my favorite things, because I get to meet my readers. Some had even read Harvey Kurtzman, The Man Who Created Mad already, and were just bringing their copy by for my signature.  The book is selling very well, I’m happy to report, so I had no reason to do anything but grin like an idiot all through the con. The first shot was taken when the room was darkened for the slide show.  In the second one, I’m with my publisher Gary Groth. The photos were taken by Jeff Gelb and  Aaron Caplan. Click on them to enlarge.

Kurtzman Panel lightened Schelly Groth - Photo by Aaron Caplan

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