Update #3: February 14, 2015

Posted by Bill Schelly on February 14, 2015

For an author, there’s nothing quite like holding your new book in your hands. It’s tangible proof that you actually produced something in the “real world.” It’s also the time when you can finally see what it all looks like after it’s been assembled. Therefore, when I got an email from Fantagraphics yesterday telling me that the advance copies of Harvey Kurtzman, The Man Who Created Mad were in “and they look fantastic,” I was in my car driving to their office (three miles from my house) within moments. True, they had been flown over from the printer in Singapore so that reviewers could receive a copy early enough to prepare their reviews (or whatever) for release when the book is available for purchase (late April, early May). Therefore I knew I wouldn’t be able to take one home with me. They were already earmarked for certain destinations. I just wanted to *hold* one, check out the cover (I hadn’t seen what the spine was going to look like), and see how thick it was. I wanted to see how the photos and artwork look when they were actually printed. Bottom line: I couldn’t be happier with it! The covers are beautifully designed and printed, the inside paper is high quality, and it, yes, at 642 pages, it is thick. Not quite doorstop thick, but almost. The bulk of the copies are in a container on a cargo ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, slated to arrive in late April, early May. That’s really going to be exciting for me, when the pre-orders are filled and I know it’s being read. A huge amount of information about the great Harvey Kurtzman is going to be made available. Kurtzman has long deserved a complete, detailed biography. I’m the lucky guy who got to write it.

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