Update #29 – June 5, 2019 – TWO NEW BOOKS!

Posted by Bill Schelly on June 5, 2019


I’m immensely proud of my two new books that have just been published by Pulp Hero Press and are available on AMAZON.COM right now – in both trade paperback and Kindle editions. Here’s the info:


THE BILL SCHELLY READER could be called “the companion to THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMIC FANDOM,” since it includes my best prose pieces about early fandom, including “Nothing Less Than Xero,” “The Save Hawkman Campaign,” “Jerry Bails’ 10 Building Blocks of Fandom,” “Batmania,” “It Started on Yancy Street” and “The First Comicons,” among others. It has my articles about Robert Kanigher, Joe Kubert, Will Eisner, the James Bond books by Ian Fleming, and an interview with Yours Truly from Filmfax magazine. There are lots of photos and quite a bit of artwork to go along with the pieces. THE BILL SCHELLY READER is a 250-page trade paperback and costs $17.95. The Kindle book is $7.99.


COME WITH ME is a love story set in 1968 about two young people who set out “to look for America” and find unexpected adventures and revelations along the way. It’s my only novel, written mostly when I was a teenager, and is based on a true story. The story has more than a whiff of J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, but also delivers poignant moments, comedy and thrills. My protagonist is an aspiring cartoonist who eventually finds himself in the hippie Mecca of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District, and has a chance encounter with Robert Crumb and other misadventures. My love of comics and cartooning adds an extra dimension to this story set at time of political and social upheaval that changed America forever. COME WITH ME is a 168-page trade paperback and costs $11.95. The Kindle book is $4.99.


ITEM: The response to JAMES WARREN, EMPIRE OF MONSTERS has been gratifying. Fantagraphics tells me that copies are selling at a pace that will lead to a sell-out before long. The reviews across the internet have been fantastic. It’s satisfying conclusion to a project that took me over a year to research and write. Thanks to all of you who have sent emails and done reviews!!


ITEM: I am currently writing another edition of THE AMERICAN COMIC BOOK CHRONICLES for TwoMorrows Publishing. I’m doing the 1945-1949 book, which will have a lot to live up to, after readers get a chance to read Kurt Mitchell’s fabulous book on the 1940-1944 period. But as usual, I’ll do my best. And yes, the edition on the 1950s, which I wrote, is still available.

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