Update #21 – December 6, 2017 – What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been!

Posted by Bill Schelly on December 6, 2017

Hi everyone! This isn’t going to be a “real” update, like with photos and/or artwork, or substantial news. But when I see that three-plus months have passed since my last one, I feel it’s time to stick my nose out the door and say hello.

Not that I’ve been idle; far from that. Just about every day, I descend to my sanctum sanctorum (‘neath Stately Schelly Manor) and WRITE! It’s just that when one writes books, they are long projects that stretch over six months, or even a year, and there often isn’t that much to say when I’m happily working away on the latest one.

Right now I’m writing my latest MYSTERY PROJECT. I don’t talk about it until my publisher gives me the green light, which is usually when it’s up on Amazon.com for pre-order, which is true of SENSE OF WONDER: MY LIFE IN COMIC FANDOM – THE WHOLE STORY. I just spent a few days reviewing the proofs of that one, which is my first chance to see the pages all laid out with the photos and artwork.

There are something like 200 images in the new SENSE OF WONDER book. They’ll really help establish a “you are there” feeling while you’re reading this memoir, which is 50% brand new material (the second half of the book). Anyway, it gave me goosebumps to see it “on its feet,” and I can hardly wait until April 17, 2018, when it’ll be reaching readers like YOU!

I just finished writing a special column for ALTER EGO magazine (#152) which explains to our readers exactly what the new SENSE OF WONDER is. While writing it, and knowing the column would appear around May 1, I suddenly realized – Spring 2018 is the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE NEW ALTER EGO! How can that be? It seems like only yesterday when Roy asked me to become co-editor of a brand new magazine about the comics and creators of the Golden and Silver Ages of comics.

I can only shake my head and mutter, “What a long strange trip it’s been!” And by the way…. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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