Update #20 – September 4, 2017 – Two Memoirs & a Magazine!!

Posted by Bill Schelly on September 4, 2017

Hey there, fellow fans! Are you a fan of Captain America, Superman, or the original Captain Marvel (Shazam)? Do you like to LISTEN to books rather than READ them? Then the new AUDIO BOOK version of my biography of the creator of Supergirl and so many other comic book characters and stories is for you. It’s OTTO BINDER, THE LIFE AND WORK OF A COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION VISONARY, which is now available from North Atlantic Books as a download from their web site www.northatlanticbooks.com! This is the first audio book that’s been made from my writings, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. It’s ideal for those of you who have a long commute to work each day!!

North Atlantic Books is also publishing my NEW book SENSE OF WONDER, MY LIFE IN COMIC FANDOM — THE WHOLE STORY in April 2018. It’s the story of how comic books and comic fandom gave me the subject matter and medium to express my creativity as a boy in the 1960s, and how it later did the same thing for me as an adult, from 1990 to the present day. It consists of TWO BOOKS IN ONE. The first is a revised version of my 2001 memoir also called SENSE OF WONDER, which tells my story up to age 22 in 1974. The second part, of equal length, picks up the story in 1974 and brings it right up to the present day. It shows how I finally became the professional writer that I was born to be. It’s a deeper book than the first one, where I talk about being a gay comic book fan and writer, and other personal things that didn’t fit into the first book. It’s now up for PRE-ORDER at Amazon.com. Order a copy right now!!

Finally, I want to remind ALL of you that I am associate editor of Roy Thomas’s ALTER EGO magazine! In A/E #148, we focus on the All-American side of DC comics, talking to the creators of such great super heroes as The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman and more. It’s got interviews with Carmine Infantino, Joe Kubert, Julius Schwartz and many more legendary figures in comic book history. It also has a piece on the influence of the original Captain Marvel on other heroes, and my interview with science fiction and comic book fan Ted White. Plus, Michael T. Gilbert looks at the career of Pete Morisi, best known as P.A.M., creator of the Thunderbolt for Charlton Comics in the 1960s. Roy Thomas continues to put his passion for comic books into ALTER EGO, so if you haven’t picked up an issue lately, do so!! 2018 will be our 20TH ANNIVERSARY, and we are approaching an incredible 150 issues!!

For those who follow my work, I’m now in the midst of yet another MYSTERY PROJECT which should be a pleasant surprise for a lot of people. Meanwhile, if you haven’t picked up my recent book JOHN STANLEY, GIVING LIFE TO LITTLE LULU, what are you waiting for?? It’s a big, all-color coffee table book with 350 illustrations and photographs, plus my biography of the talented cartoonist who not only made Little Lulu a success in comic books, but worked on many wonderful features about a host of other characters, all under the Dell imprint. YOW!! What a great American storyteller he is/was!!


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