Update #14 – June 27, 2016 – Supergirl’s co-creator is flying high!

Posted by Bill Schelly on June 27, 2016

OTTO BINDER, THE LIFE AND WORK OF A COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION VISIONARY is a hit!  Initial sales have been stronger than expected, and the reviews  that have come in since its release on June 7 have been stellar.  You can check out reviewer and reader reactions on Amazon.com, all rating the book either five or four stars.  Plus, the reactions I’ve received in emails and on Facebook have been gratifying, to say the least.  One reader wrote, “I initially bought it because I liked your Kurtzman book, not because I was a fan of Binder, but I found myself drawn into the story of Binder’s career and life, and ended up finding it hard to put down. Congratulations on another job well done!”  Any author is pleased when people follow his work, just because they like the way the writer writes.  Mainly, however, I’m just pleased that thousands more people will be reading about Otto, a wonderful writer and a wonderful human being.  I hope at least some of them will follow through by picking up books reprinting his work. THANKS TO EVERYONE for supporting the book, and know that I welcome all comments, at the email address on this web site.  SHAZAM!

Incidentally, I was pleased to hear that the SUPERGIRL television show will be returning, albeit on the CW network. As some of you know, Otto Binder co-created Supergirl along with artist Al Plastino, and editor Mort Weisinger.  Many of the elements that Otto gave the character (such as her first name, Kara), are in evidence in the show.  The origin of Supergirl appeared in ACTION COMICS #252 way back in 1959, so she has endured for 56+ years, an exceedingly long life for a fictional character. True, her comic books have stopped and started, and she was ostensibly killed in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, but as we all know, deaths in comic books aren’t necessarily permanent.  Now that the show is on the CW network, the way is paved for more crossovers between SUPERGIRL, ARROW, THE FLASH and other shows that adapt DC characters to television.  I’m sure that Otto would be astonished by the way comic book characters have become such a major part of mainstream movies and TV in this new millennium.  Now, wouldn’t it be great if there could be an ADAM LINK ROBOT series or film?

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