Update #12 – February 23, 2016

Posted by Bill Schelly on February 23, 2016

 I just had the experience that all author’s love: holding a copy of their next book in their hands, and seeing it in final form. A galley copy of Otto Binder: The Life and Work of a Comic Book and Science Fiction Visionary arrived in my mailbox, and I couldn’t be happier with the job North Atlantic Books has done. And of course, I’m thrilled that the mega-talented Michael T. Gilbert lent his artistic talents to the cover. (But that’s my own pencil portrait of Otto.)

I’m glad to report that the BOOK DESCRIPTION is now up on Amazon.com and other sites, where the book is now available for pre-order. These days, of course, one of Otto’s credits that means the most to a lot of people is his co-creation of Supergirl (Kara), star of a hit TV series. But that’s just one of his many contributions to the Superman mythos, as you’ll find out when you read this book.

 To reiterate what’s DIFFERENT about this new edition: errors in the original text have been corrected; the Endnotes have been expanded; additional material has been added to give more attention to certain aspects of his creative life; new photographs are presented; and, in the Appendix, several pages from Binder’s personal records are displayed. While it may not qualify as an “expanded edition,” the improvements in this new edition give the reader a more complete portrait Otto Binder’s life and work. In short, it’s worth picking up even if you have the original book, especially at the affordable $19.95 price.

If you have any questions about this book, remember you can email me at: [email protected]. Shazam!

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