The Golden Age of Comic Fandom

Golden Age revised

By Bill Schelly

[Revised, second edition]

The Golden Age of Comic Fandom tells the fascinating story of an American grass roots movement from its humble origins to its status as a true cultural phenomenon. This Eisner Award nominee traces interest in comics in SF and EC fandom, and describes in detail (with many illustrations and material from interviews the author conducted with the people involved) how the fanzine Alter Ego was born in 1961, and the flood of fanzines and fan activity that followed. The origin of G. B. Love’s Rocket’s Blast-Comicollector, Alan Light’s Buyer’s Guide to Comic Fandom, and how the first comicons got started are just part of the tapestry recounted by Schelly, who was a part of the scene at that time.

When the original edition of this book sold out in 1995, the author published an expanded edition in 1998. This expanded edition went into a second printing several years later.

Bud Plant: “Schelly has taken a complex chain of sequential and overlapping events and made sense of them, as well as providing a good read. Great stuff!”

Maggie Thompson: “Accurate and entertainingly anecdotal. Devotees of the field of comic collecting: You’ve got to have this.”

Stan Lee: “A wonderful book!”


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Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Hamster Pr; Revised edition (March 15, 1999)
ISBN-10: 096456694X
ISBN-13: 978-0964566941

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