The Eye Collection

Eye Collection

By Bill Schelly, et al.

This book collects all of the new comic book stories written and/or drawn by Bill Schelly, including the entirety of The Eye #1 and Heroes vs. Hitler, as well as “Doom in Dimension X!” from Big Bang Comics #31. It presents the all new “Untold Original of The Eye!,” the popular crime-fighting hero of the fanzines, and reprints a classic Eye strip from 1974 by Biljo White. Many other features, including work by Dick Giordano, Roy Thomas, Fred Fredericks, Ron Frenz, Josaef Rubinstein, Tom Christopher, Michael T. Gilbert, Batton Lash, J. E. Smith, Mike Worley, Bill Black, Grass Green, Jerry Ordway, Terry Beatty, and Nils Osmar.

List Price: $13.95
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Hamster Press (2002)

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