The Bill Schelly Reader

By Bill Schelly

THE BILL SCHELLY READER could be called “the companion to THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMIC FANDOM,” since it includes my best prose pieces about early fandom.  There are lots of photos and quite a bit of artwork to go along with the pieces.  All “Schelly completists” will want this book!  THE BILL SCHELLY READER is a 250-page trade paperback and costs $17.95.  The Kindle book is $7.99.

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“Nothing Less Than Xero” – The story of the Lupoffs’ seminal fanzine

“Landon Chesney (1938–2001)”

“The Save Hawkman Campaign”

“Jerry Bails’ 10 Building Blocks of Fandom”

“What’s So Great about Comic Art?”

“Batmania” – The story of the classic fanzine of the 1960s

“Eye on Biljo White”

“Batman’s Bad Trip!” – A discussion of “Robin Dies at Dawn!”

“My Years with Batman!”: Sheldon Moldoff Interview

“Doom in Dimension X!”

“It Started on Yancy Street”

“The First Comicons”

“Marshall Lanz, R.I.P.”

“Joe Kubert, Step by Step”

“Robert Kanigher: A Brilliant Madness!”

“A Very Personal Look at the James Bond Novels by Ian Fleming”

“No Man’s Land” – A review of Will Eisner’s graphic novel

“Superfan!”: Bill Schelly Interview

Excerpt from Sense of Wonder


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