Giant Labors of Love

Giant Labors

Featuring the class ama-strips of the ditto fanzines
Edited & Annotated by Bill Schelly

Back in the early days of comics fandom (1961 – 1970), before professional printing was commonly used, the top fan writers and artists produced original comic strips that were printed via spirit duplicator, i.e. ditto (purple printing). Yet, these works had incredible charm and appeal, works such as “The Eye” by Biljo White, “Dimension Man” by Ronn Foss, “The Demon” by Buddy Saunders, “Capt. Liberty and Doc Darkness” by Steve Perrin and Richard Buckler, “Speed Marvel” by Grass Green, and “The O’Brian Gang” by Bill Schelly. This book presents eleven of the most outstanding features, generally starring original super hero creations. Fully annotated.

Paperback: 112 pages
List Price: $12.00

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