Update #27 – September 7, 2018 – Jim Warren biography set for January 22, 2019 publication

Posted by Bill Schelly on September 7, 2018

Originally, a tentative publication date of October 30, 2018 was announced on the Amazon.com listing for my upcoming book JAMES WARREN, EMPIRE OF MONSTERS. That date has been changed to January 22, 2019. Here’s the skinny:  when it became clear the book couldn’t be completed by then (given certain unavoidable production delays, and the amount of time it takes for books to travel from Singapore to the US), Fantagraphics wisely pushed it to January rather than release it in December, where it would tend to get lost amid the surfeit of Christmas books. In January, it will be much easier for the book to receive the attention we feel it deserves.

Rest assured that the book isn’t far from being sent to the printer, and all is well. There are just some editorial corners to be tucked in, nothing more than that. It’s COMING — and, I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it. I’m delighted with the way it’s looking, and eager for reader reaction, when the time comes.


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