The items in this collection of my artwork were mostly done after I got back into collecting comics in 1985. Somehow, even though I’d done little drawing since my college days, I managed to improve, probably because I became more patient as an older adult.

The early items are the cover of Comique #9 from 1971, featuring my group The O’Brian Gang, and the two Ogre illustrations. (They were done around 1972, as part of a marketing campaign for my brother Dave’s rock group Ogre.)

Other early work can be found under Life Studies and Portraits.

CAPA-alpha Immortal Corpse Life Studies Portrait Gallery

Alter Ego #20 Jan 2003 Alter Ego #25 June 2003 Burning the Midnight Oil 1978 Comique #9 1971 Crime Alley 1986 Jorma Kaukonen Ogre Music 1972 Ogre Responsibility Shazam Tribute Tales of Torment The Eye #1 - Art by Schelly




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